Review: PlumberCrack

What up ya’ll? PlumberCrack is the strangest game I’ve ever played. I don’t know whether or not I want to continue playing it or not. I have an issue with staring at some guy shaking his crack around while I’m trying to flick ice cubes down his pants. That is literally the whole point of the game. I just don’t know. I’m speechless. I can’t believe that a game like this actually exists…..  

Do you guys have this game? What do you guys think?  

Bottom line: This game may be strange but it is entertaining if you don’t mind looking at an animated ass crack the entire time. Plus, it’s free, so you don’t have anything to lose.


Review: Earth Defense

Yo gangsta gamin’ nation, listen up. I picked up this here game, Earth Defense: Legend of Defender, and it has been kickin’ my sorry ass to the curb. Seriously, I just can’t hang with this game. I can’t tell if I’m just a pathetic excuse for an earth defender or this game is just straight up clunky and unnatural. Considering the fact that I am the OG gangsta gamer, I’m blaming the game. Let me give you the low down and what’s going down….  

First of turning your space tank is ridiculousy difficult, last minute turn arounds are damn near impossible. It’s just unnatural. Personally, I think it’s just a cheap cop out for a remake of Space Invaders. At least moving around in that was easier and manageable, this is just absurd. Also, since when do space enemies fly in distinct patterns? Last time I checked space was crazy…not some maze of pathways. I mean come on, that’s just basic science, even a gangsta like me can figure that one out. That ain’t the point the homies. The point is, there is too much challenge and too little enjoyment. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good challenge but this shit just ain’t pleasurable. On top of all that, if you earn extra defense systems, why the fuck do you have to wait a few seconds for them to deploy. I earned this damn bonus weapons and I want to use them when I need them, not three seconds after I’m already dead. That leads me to another topic, it needs to be a little more clear how close you are to dying and if you’ve been damaged or not. The batter logo at the top just doesn’t cut it for me because I’m too distracted by the actual killing rampage I’ve got to be on.  

Bottom line: For a game that’s free, I’d give it a chance. It’s not the worst game out there but it’s certainly not the best. Don’t expect efficiency or excellent graphics. It is what it is. A free shooter game.  

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Initial Thoughts: MakeMyMusic

The crew over at Tektontek claim that their app creates automatic personalized music play lists from your entire library so that you can listen to the tracks the way you like them, without having to manage play lists. We’ll see about that.  

So, I picked up the app, and it looks pretty sleek, a bit glitchy, but it seems promising. I’m going to have to go through settings to personalize my app. In other words, I need to gangstafy it. Shouldn’t be to big of a problem. The one issue that I have with the app is that it was displaying the current track it was playing incorrectly. That shit ain’t gonna fly. Hopefully it was just a quick glitch, I have so much music on my phone that if it randomly shuffles to something I love and can’t remember, I need to know for sure what that shit is. You feel me homies?  

Bottom line: I have high hopes for this app. For the amount of hype it’s got on it, I really hope it lives up to the hype.  

Check back in a few days for a full scale review of MakeMyMusic.


Preview: Alcohoot - The World’s First Smartphone Breathalyzer


Yo, listen up. What I gotta tell you is important and can save some lives. The crew over at Alcohoot have created the first iPhone breathalyzer. The concept is brilliant. Pretty much all you need to know is in the video and I’ll be the first one to pick this up when it’s officially released. It’s currently undergoing beta testing and tweaks, this one is going to kill it in the smartphone market, I can feel it.  

OG’s Favorite Features:

- The BAC reading

- Call a local taxi service

- Find a restaurant to sober up in

- Tired mode: your phone rings/vibrates every few minutes to keep you awake while driving  

This is some forward thinking shit homie! I’ll def be keeping all of you posted as soon as this bad boy is released.  

Bottom line: Genius idea. Perfect for the gangsta nation. Perfect for drunk retardes everywhere.